jalada Chain Reaction

jalada Chain Reaction 1.5

Make chains of bubbles, and destroy them to obtain the best scores
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jalada Chain Reaction is a remake of the classic arcade game “Chain”. The purpose of this game is to connect and destroy as many bubbles of the same color as possible in one hit. Color combinations can be made to obtain more points and if the chain reaction destroys the defined targets, extra points will be awarded.
The fun about this game is that as you move to the next level the objective always changes. It means that your aim is to destroy a certain number of bubbles at one level, to create a chain of a certain length at another and pop all bubbles of the same colors at the third one.
The levels become more difficult when you have to destroy the targets as well. Simple targets are destroyed by filling and collecting indicated chains. Numeric targets demand collecting a minimum length of chains. Color targets are obtained by collecting chains of the the same color.
jalada Chain Reaction is a great PC game and is available for Mac systems too. It offers 100 levels, great graphics, multiplayer mode, and various helpful items to solve levels in a faster way which include extra time clock, explosion, mixer, twin blaster and more.

Max Santillana
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  • 100 levels
  • Different objectives
  • Timed levels
  • Special rewards


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